23.März 2018

Terms and conditions

The agreed amount of lessons has to be taken within a calendar year, beginning from the first lesson.


Payment terms
The whole tuition (including the course material) has to be paid within 30 days net from the billing date. Partial payments are due based on the agreed dates.


Course cancelation
If a course is canceled the tuition fee is due as follows (cancelations must be in writing):

  • - Three weeks before course start: A registration fee of CHF 50 is due.
  • - Two to three weeks before course start: 20 % of the entire tuition fee is due.
  • - One week before course start: the complete tuition fee is due.

There is no reimbursement for unused lessons; however, it is sometimes possible to assign unused tuition to other courses or later dates.


The school may cancel a group course if there are not enough students. In this case the whole tuition fee will be reimbursed.


If a course includes less than 4 students the school will try to find an acceptable solution, such as suggesting another group, time reduction of the lesson or price adjustment.


A new contract for a change of course or level is only necessary if a price change is involved.


Private instruction – lesson cancelation
Students taking private instruction are requested to contact the school 24 hours before the lesson takes place to cancel a lesson. If the lesson is on a Monday it needs to be canceled on the Friday before. The student will be charged for late cancelation, as the teacher had reserved the time slot.


Homework assignments will be sent by email or post when the student informs the school of their absence.

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